Friday, January 25, 2008

Billiards & Faux Leather Go Together

This post is all about paint color selection and how to compliment a room by highlighting the beauty that already exists.

When I first saw this billiard room it looked like this.

The husband loves this room and each evening he enjoys shooting a game of pool after dinner.

I was shown this room because the husband saw my faux leather board while I was showing the couple my portfolio. He thought the faux leather treatment was so cool that he wanted to see what it might look like in this room. We walked down the hallway and they opened the door to this room with amazing south-western light, a gorgeous antique pool table, a fabulous custom tiffany light, and wonderful carpeting that wasn't even showcased because your eye never rested.

He was responsible for the wall color selection, but wasn't sure that they worked together. Can you see the two different green-blue colors on the walls? The paint color below the chair rail had more blue tint, and enough to throw your eye completely. The colors weren't horrible but your eyes wouldn't rest and settle when you walked into this room. Your eye bounced from the pool table to the walls, to the pool table to the walls. I felt stressed. This room needed to be grounded.

Right away I knew the faux leather would look great under the existing chair rail. My challenge was to convince them that the green on the upper portion of the walls needed to go away. I didn't want to hurt the husband's feelings because he was so proud of this room. But that green needed to go. There's enough of it in the felt on the table and in the lamp above.

Here is the end result.

He loves it! She loves it! I am told that he spends more time in here more than he did before. And the wife is happy because I made that carpet stand out.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Specialty Plasters - Dining Room Walls

So, you lived through another holiday season and have already thought about what you might do for 2008. This past year was fabulous and all the family gatherings around your dining room table were a success. But perhaps something was missing. Perhaps you realized your dining room needs to be showcased a little more than it does now. It needs just the right ambiance to enhance all that glitters and glows.

Dining room treatments were really popular for us in 2007 and we created some spectacular finishes. Our clients asked for all types of faux finishes that would help showcase their dining rooms which seem to get very little focus. Specialty plaster finishes like these were the most requested.

Here you have two examples of the same type of plaster but applied differently and of course tinted different colors. These dining rooms are in homes built by the same builder. Luckily the light fixtures are different or you might not believe me.

Can you envision your furniture in either of these rooms? Can you envision all of your holiday decorations sparkling and bringing these dining rooms to life?