Friday, July 2, 2010

We're Engaged!

I'm late in shouting out on my blog my news! You may have heard already, you may have seen my Facebook post, or heard me shout out to the universe - I'm engaged! Yes... five days after we celebrated our six year mark he completely surprised me.

He walked through the door late on a Tuesday evening around 7PM. I was still working and getting ready to get up the next morning at 4AM to catch a 6AM flight. Here he comes with a big bouquet of flowers in his arms. I graciously thanked him, and as he handed the bouquet over to me he said "I got you something else." and dropped to one knee. I cried, he cried, we both cried. He handed me a beautiful ring with a periodot stone. I had no idea any of this was going to happen. Not even a hint in my intuitive sense.

So, let the planning begin....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just dropping in to say hello. Yesterday my guy and I celebrated six years together. We celebrated by feasting at our favorite sushi restaurant, and attending Cirque du Soleil's Kooza show. I was so excited for him, it was his first time seeing a Cirque show and he really enjoyed all of it. It truly is, as they say, an adrenaline rush of acrobatics in a zany kingdom.

I'm Unravelling once again and hope through the work in the next eight weeks and the work from the last four weeks with Marisa and Sean in Together: Living A Creatively Fulfilling Life will help me flush out how my blog and creative life will evolve.

Thank you for your patience, loyalty and support while I find my way.

Monday, April 26, 2010

24 Hours in Central Oregon

As I ponder and wonder how this blog will evolve, or how I will evolve creatively... I've had some moments alone to let my mind sit with a few ideas.

We went to Central Oregon this past weekend. Just a quick trip to say hello to family, see their new home, then turn around and come back to Portland.

Central Oregon is in the heart of many Oregonians. They love their lives, their homeland, and the dry environment in the High Desert. Yes, it is beautiful but a different kind of beauty exists there. Here's my glimpse of the beauty, the land.

My heart is where it's greener. My heart is in Portland. For now.

If you don't live in Oregon. Have you heard of Oregon's High Desert? If so, was this what you had in mind?

Friday, April 16, 2010

back roads of oregon

i wanted to pop in and say hello. i miss blogging. i'm thinking about how to evolve this blog or starting a new one. instead of blogging i've been adjusting to a very busy, corporate job and participating in a 365 project. i'm in love with photography.

this filly greeted me today after i spent the morning in tulip fields. it was a good morning.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Seasonal & Life Changes

You may or may not have read that recently I made some decisions about my life and my business. The economy crisis in Portland has hit hard. In April, 2009 unemployment in the Portland-metro area was at 12.1%, and the state of Oregon at 12%. Unfortunately, luxury-based business, such as high-end decorative painting and murals have suffered.

Luckily I have many more talents to fall back on, and I made the decision that Shakti Space Designs will no longer be doing interior, decorative painting. Right now I'm trying to figure out how Shakti will exist in my life. It may be a while before that final decision is made, but right now I'm thinking that I will continue to do painted canvases and commissioned art pieces. Nor have I decided how this blog will continue. Obviously you will no longer see interior home projects created by us. Well dear readers, I'd like to ask your opinion.

What do you like about my blog?
Would you like to see me showcase and highlight other high-end decorative painters and their work?
Would you like to see highlighted interiors with some elements of decorative painting or furnishings?
Would you like to see various types of artists highlighted?
Would you like to see a more personal side of me?
Would you like to see more of my personal photography?

I just don't know yet... but I respect what you have to say and would love your feedback. Please.

For the immediate time being I am focusing on a new venture. I have re-entered the corporate workforce as a Database Marketing Program Manager. I have returned to my old corporate life and I have a fantastic six month contract with a prestigious software company. I just started last week... this is the end of my second week. My brain is fried and adjusting to the pace after six and a half years has challenged me. I am blessed in that I get to work remotely, so I'm not living the cube life. But I am working in solitude most days. I no longer have the freedom to go out and do what I want to do, when I want to do it. It's a whole different kind of self-discipline and time management game.

So, thank you for offering your opinions. Thank you for being loyal and supportive. I have the best support system. I'm so grateful for old and new friends, online and offline, nearby and far.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For The Love of LusterStone - Decorative Painting's Finest

Click picture to enlarge

Greetings all... I'm still here, and I'm here to show you a master bedroom wall that was completed in June. I've been waiting for the entire room to come together before I went for a photo shoot.

This project is a good example that demonstrates highlighting one wall can make all the difference in a beautiful design. The room would be lovely with painted walls, but in my opinion a little flat. We highlighted the headboard wall to add some dimension. This LusterStone plaster finish shows that decorative painting/faux finishes done right adds panache, sparkle, and luster. What do you think?

Click picture to enlarge

Below is a picture of the room before all of the new furniture was brought in and the decorative accessories. Big difference don't you think?

Photography and wall finishes by Shakti Space Designs. Interior designs by Whirlygig Designs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small Cabinet Completed

Hey everyone! The cabinet is finished! To refresh your memory. I asked you to participate in the redo of this small cabinet. I gave you choices and you took a survey. 31% of you voted for the wood grain vinyl flower finish.

Here are the inspirational designs...

And here is the final piece! Ta-da!

It's cute right? I know, I know... it took long enough. But hey, it turned into a much busier summer than I anticipated. I've been unraveling, participating in the fishbowl, healing open wounds, sweating from record heat, dog/house sitting, and looking for corporate work.

If you're interested, here's how the cabinet progressed after my last post.

After my trip to Kinko's to use their oversize copier I had my 450%-sized copy ready to go. In order to transfer the copied design to the vinyl I used chalk on the back of the copy and rubbed the entire surface. Then turned the copy over and traced that design onto the vinyl. Once that was all traced I was ready to cut the design with an x-acto knife.

Applying the design was easy. A little more time consuming than I anticipated. I was hoping to stick the vinyl on the top, then pull the backing off in one fell swoop. However, with all of the drawers, doors and trim it would not have gone smoothly. So, it ended up being a puzzle. That's okay. It gave me time to ponder my dreams as I brought this cute creation to life.

So, now what? I'm going to sell it. Any takers?