Monday, November 12, 2007

Updated Kitchen Cabinetry

Saving old cabinetry is a great, green idea and keeps most of the waste out of our landfills. This house is about 20 years old with the original kitchen cabintery. The existing maple cabinets were in great shape (sorry readers I don't have the before shots on this one due to my lack of discipline when it comes to charging the batteries).

The clients had received a quote on refacing the cabinetry and then decided to find a more economical option -- and having your cabinetry painted, glazed and top-coated is a great value in comparison. Why rip everything out when your cabinets are in good shape? When cabinet doors like these have nice face frames with stiles and rails they lend themselves to a traditional glazed finish that enhances the frame.

Glaze treatments can vary from heavy to light. This particular finish is on the medium side with a slightly rustic feel.

It was such a transformation when I went back today to see it for the first time since we glazed (another painter top-coated) even I was awestruck. It is a lovely kitchen, and the homeowners achieved their goal. They wanted to stay in the home for a few more years and have an updated kitchen without renovating.


Tara said...

Nice! Fireplace pics are great, too! And this time I'll remember to bookmark ya'.

Kelly said...

You completely inspire me. You have seen our cabinets. They could use a lift like that. They look really nice.

Sherri said...

Fabulous job! I can't believe those cabinets used to be flat white. What an improvement, so much depth and elegance.