Friday, December 7, 2007

Fabulous Nursery Or Teenage Room

Are you ready for a lovely transformation? A gorgeous nursery for a baby girl due early January.

The only evidence I have that this is actually a before photo is the bedding. Almost everything else in this nursery is brand new. Babies don't sleep in beds you say? Well, the room also remains a guest room for now. Since the baby hasn't arrived yet, the crib hasn't made it into the room. But the new gorgeous furniture has!

The idea for this treatment came from the Faux International Magazine. When I saw the finish I immediately made a sample for my portfolio in hopes that a client would fall in love with it -- it has been in my portfolio since early Spring 2007.

I knew someday I would walk into a room that screamed for this treatment. Even the base paint in this room was a perfect fit. It was meant to be!

I'm not a fan of builders mudding the walls so thick they create a brocade substrate, but our final treatment in this room actually enhances the plaster technique and creates more ambiance with sparkle.

Don't you just love the two pink chandeliers? Fabulous!


Tara said...

That is a sumptuous nursery. My, oh, my! Mapping out those harlequins must've been a nightmare! ;)

Patricia Buzo said...

Those walls are beautiful, but I agree with Tara...I'd hate to map out a harlequin design. Thank god I've never had to!

Anonymous said...

This room is so unique. To top it off with a custom wall plate at Presley Crafts.Would finish it off to a "T".