Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kendall Wilkinson

Since my post regarding Michael S. Smith, I'm obsessed about finding designers that incorporate decorative arts as part of their design process.

I recently discovered Kendall Wilkinson, based out of San Francisco. She collaborates with elite craftspeople in the overall vision of her designs, and it shows. I just love her elegant style.

photos courtesy of Kendall Wilkinson Design


Magic Brush said...

Oohhhhh ahhhhhh. Love the turquoise and love the pic that looks like lusterstone. Yummy! Blessings,
Jennifer Allwood

Regina said...

Her website is so nice -- great series, Lucinda!

deirdre said...

the contrast between the turquoise and the white bed and artwork is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Truly a Master Piece!
I Buy Fireplace Parts