Sunday, March 8, 2009

Painted Pet Portraits

A week today Miss Kali passed away. I've been missing her terribly and thinking about painting her portrait.

Over the last few years I have been bookmarking and adding various artists to my Etsy favorites. Right now there is no time to paint, but some time to peruse my favorite pet portraits to gather ideas. My goal is to paint two portraits of Kali. One for our home and one on a rock that will reside in the garden of her final resting place.

In the meantime I thought I would share some fabulous talent I have found. I adore all of these pet portraits! Keep in mind this is list of only a few talented artists. We could spend all day talking about the masters that painted pet portraits, but today I'm bringing you a few favorite contemporary painters.

Art, housewares & furniture by Ariane Bartosh
I love Ariane's use of contemporary designs for the backgrounds.

FLYoung Studio - paintings & illustrations by Heather L. Young
Heather's animal portraits are so fantastic. Her clever use of washes on patterned paper is inspiring. Heather also has a great blog which I try to follow often.

Ron Krajewski is a prolific self-taught artist. I love his use of watercolor and acrylics resulting in very contemporary portraits.

Deanoart - Paintings by Dean Haven. Dean's paintings have a lot of movement with bright palettes. It's a small world when you find another CCAD student on Etsy - six degrees of separation at work.

Christine E. Hancock
Like all of the artists I've chosen she points out that her pieces are painted not digitally manipulated.

Stray Dog Arts - Jessie Marianello
Jessie's work shows that she pours her heart and soul into every painting. Jessie also has a fantastic blog

Odder By Art - Lisa Chase
A talented watercolor artist.

Ninnerfish Art
This talented formally trained artist with a BFA is hoping to get accepted into vet school. I love Ninnerfish's graphic style which still captures the personality of the pet.

So many artists, so little time. I hope you enjoy this short list of my favorites.


Jessie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Miss Kali. :( Something wonderful happens in the act of painting in memory of a loved pet though...a healing takes place and those deep memories find a place to rest on the canvas.

Thank you so much for including me in this beautiful line-up of pet portraits. I am sending my deepest sympathy.

with warmest regards,
stray dog arts

heather said...

Some fantastic artists here! I'm honored to be included :) I think it's a fabulous idea to have the two portraits for Kali.

Hoping the happy memories will carry you through this difficult time,