Monday, April 13, 2009

Yellow - Color of the Year

Back in December Pantone announced 2009's color of the year. PANTONE® 14-0848 Mimosa, a warm, engaging yellow. No other color expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow. I'm still feeling hopeful are you?

A couple of months ago I was inspired to play around with samples and incorporate mimosa into my designs. I imagine a fabulous LusterStone all-over design in an entryway or a feature wall in a home.

LusterStone sample - black with yellow base

LusterStone sample - yellow w/silver base

Here are some favorites found around the web. Which ones appeal to you? Are you brave enough to add yellow to your home?

photo courtesy of Modello Design

photo courtesy

photo courtesy of Keith Scott Morton

photo courtesy of Keith Scott Morton

photo courtesy of Domino Magazine

photo courtesy of Domino Magazine

photo courtesy of David Jimenez

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy


Fauxology said...

I love the stripes on the ceiling! And I do love black & white with yellow as a contrast. :)

Tara.Fields said...

I love doing yellow at someone's house, but I just can't see it in mine... I look terrible in it. Your mimosa on silver sample is luscious, though.

shakti space designs said...

I feel safest with my yellow accessories. It certainly is fun to use as a pop of color!

Anonymous said...

Black and yellow work so nicely together - the large mirror, or that great black distressed wall piece - but I'm more in your camp - using it in small bursts in my own home.

littlem said...

It's a nice yellow. A colour I don't use often enough.

Anonymous said...

Not a color I wear or usually employ but this winter was so dark it's all I worked with while longing for the sun. I was delighted when it was chosen as color of the year!