Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Portland Artist, Musician, & Philanthropist - Ryan Dobrowski

I just wanted to take a moment to share the works of the incredibly talented Ryan Dobrowski - an Oregonian native. I met Ryan's painting before I met Ryan and I was completely blown away. I was attending a crowded house party and entered the basement to use the bathroom and saw this incredibly expressive painting that took up an entire bedroom wall. That was around five years ago.

Fast forward and now you'll find Ryan evolving in many different directions at an incredibly fast pace!

Ryan: Artist currently exploring encaustic mediums.
Ryan: Owner of PiP Gallery in Old Town.
Ryan: Drummer of the up & coming band - Blind Pilot.

Photo courtesy of NPR Music

Ryan and Israel Nebeker started their two man show a year ago on a West Coast bike tour. That's right they toured the entire coast on bicycles hauling all their equipment with the bikes - no van driving behind them, no rescue car to provide shelter or snacks. And now, now they are in the middle of a full blown tour - just finishing up in the UK with the Counting Crows, and currently touring the U.S. with The Decemberists.

I love this song and video. Enjoy!

Keep your eye on this young man. He's a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on all your successes Ryan - you're an impressive individual.


michael said...

Hello I came across your site today and noticed it was very similar to a site I own. I think it could be mutually beneficial for both of us if we were to trade blogroll links. Please email me and let me know if you are interested. If you are interested I can add a link on my site pointing to your site with whatever anchor text you would like.



jana said...

Hi sweet lady,

Just popped in to say hi; I love this artwork :) you are so lovely.

nicolette said...

I remember seeing postcards very similar to those ones some time ago. Can't remember where I've seen them though.


Dyan said...

Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Fish- Bowler. Love Ryan's art too - what a busy and creative guy.

Alexandra said...

Hi!!! Just wanted to say howdy and thank you sooo much for your sweet comments on my blog!

It's so funny that you said you liked that outfit but might wear diff shoes, because I literally (like 3 hours ago) took some photos of me wearing the same dress but with three different shoes/accessories (i wanted to show how one sundress could be kinda fancy or the perfect thing to wear to taking a walk in the park with yer dog). I wasn't sure if this was a good idea to post or not (i have to admit, i always feel a leeeeetle self conscious posting pix of me, i don't want strangers to think I'm crazy vain or something!) but you've convinced me that I should do it.

I'm alex by the way. Susannah is awesome huh! Nice to meetcha!
: )