Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For The Love of LusterStone - Decorative Painting's Finest

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Greetings all... I'm still here, and I'm here to show you a master bedroom wall that was completed in June. I've been waiting for the entire room to come together before I went for a photo shoot.

This project is a good example that demonstrates highlighting one wall can make all the difference in a beautiful design. The room would be lovely with painted walls, but in my opinion a little flat. We highlighted the headboard wall to add some dimension. This LusterStone plaster finish shows that decorative painting/faux finishes done right adds panache, sparkle, and luster. What do you think?

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Below is a picture of the room before all of the new furniture was brought in and the decorative accessories. Big difference don't you think?

Photography and wall finishes by Shakti Space Designs. Interior designs by Whirlygig Designs.


Tara.Fields said...

Yeowza! Just the photos put me in the mood for some romance.

Magic Brush said...

Wow!!!! I love it! I just did an Ant Parchment/Champ lusterstone in my master bath. It's so creamy and dreamy. I just love the product!!!! Wonderful job!

Liz said...

Stunning! I want to take a nap there! I would say get romantic but hey I have 4 kids so I need sleep :)

jana said...

Very lovely Cinda! I love the color palette in the room as well :)

It had to be a lot of work, and I honor your talent completely !

Romantic, rich and sexy all at the same time :)

Michelle @ The Fab Faux, LLC said...

Your photography is wonderful Lucinda! Isn't it amazing what a bit of great new furniture can do with a space that was already great to begin with? Great Job!

Deborah Designs said...

Wow, looks like a magazine photo spread!

Wall Murals and Faux Finishes

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Roger said...

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