Thursday, August 28, 2008

Street of Dreams Portland - It's Not A Metal Wall

When you step into 'Suede' the first home in this year's Street of Dreams you might think the wall in front of you is made of metal. Really, really, it's not. It has been cleverly disguised. It is actually a specialty plaster - well three different colors and six layers of specialty plaster called Lusterstone. It's an architectural coating that produces reflective stone-like patterns and is one of the most versatile products I use.

The 9' metal water feature that greets you right away is definitely metal, and quite fabulous I might add. Crafted by John X├│chihua (pronounced So-chee-wa) of Aztec Artistic Productions. John was given a sample swatch of my wall finish and the color palette for the walls and went to work on his masterpieces. The two benches that flank the entry way made of reclaimed steel and natural slabs of stone are his creations as well.

Be sure to visit the Suede Home and oogle over the wonderful furnishings and architecture of this home. It's a showcase of possibilities for your own dream designs.

A big thanks to the following who made this project a success. I was proud to play a part:
Lisac Brothers Construction,
Michelle Pointer, Interior Designer - Whirlygig Designs
Maureen Pulicella, Interior Designer - Gallerie Nouveau Interiors
Sara Peterson, Interior Designer - Go Lightly
Lee/Eastman Contemporary Furniture
John Xochihua - Aztec Artistic Production
and many more...

In the next couple of days I'll be sharing the entire listing of paint selection for this home - stay tuned...

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