Friday, August 15, 2008

West Hills Glamour

I'm so excited about this project. I can't show you the dressed room just yet, but I wanted to tease you. Perhaps you'll come back and visit more often which will inspire me to post regularly.

One of my fabulous clients-turned-interior-designer, Garrison Hullinger brought me in on a recent project. A gorgeous home in the West Hills of Portland with some incredible decor. This client has amazing pieces already and is just adding and improving her collection of classic furniture pieces. It's truly my kind of design.

I was brought in to create a glamorous wall finish for this dining room. Here it is before. You can't see it well, but there's painted grass cloth wallpaper on the walls. It was removed.

Isn't that chandelier fabulous? It's been moved to the foyer and being replaced but something far better. I'll keep that a surprise.

This was the board the client selected and Garrison and I agreed happily. This is one of the most popular boards in my portfolio right now.

Here it is applied.

I love the smokey mirror that is going to stay in place as well as the sliding glass door to my right. The plaster has a subtle metallic sheen which you can see reflecting in that mirror. The natural lighting changes quite a bit during the day, as a result the finish will change as the light moves. It's an effect from this product that I love. This finish will be incredible at night with ambient lighting.

Oh, I can't wait for the final staging of this room. It's a treat to work with Garrison. He has impeccable taste! When there's a client involved that has great taste as well, it's even better.

I love my job!


Anonymous said...

That is really cool. I can't wait to see how it all looks together.


Regina said...

Hi! I totally enjoy your blog (I have it on my own blog's blogroll). You have beautiful work...and it's nice to read about a fellow artist who loves her "job" as well...I hope you are inspired to keep posting!