Monday, April 26, 2010

24 Hours in Central Oregon

As I ponder and wonder how this blog will evolve, or how I will evolve creatively... I've had some moments alone to let my mind sit with a few ideas.

We went to Central Oregon this past weekend. Just a quick trip to say hello to family, see their new home, then turn around and come back to Portland.

Central Oregon is in the heart of many Oregonians. They love their lives, their homeland, and the dry environment in the High Desert. Yes, it is beautiful but a different kind of beauty exists there. Here's my glimpse of the beauty, the land.

My heart is where it's greener. My heart is in Portland. For now.

If you don't live in Oregon. Have you heard of Oregon's High Desert? If so, was this what you had in mind?

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jana said...

Never been there; don't even think I've been to Portland, at least not in my adult life. Must visit, must come see your world.

Miss you; let's connect this week.

It's always fun to visit different places, but yes, I agree, there's no place like home :)