Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different - Transforming your AT-AT

What in the world is an AT-AT? It is a large All Terrain Armored Transport from the Star Wars universe that traverses the landscape on mechanical legs. The AT-AT was introduced in The Empire Strikes Back during the Battle of Hoth.

Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm

This blog entry may not pertain to your design sensibilities, but it's fun nonetheless. Some of you readers may find yourselves relating to my story.

You see, I have this wonderful man in my life, and said wonderful man is a pack rat, and owns a rather large collection of Star Wars toys. Over a year ago his aunt phoned to say that he needed to get his boxes out of her storage space. We pulled over 30 boxes from that storage space and brought them home. Yikes! Right?! Well, we built a spreadsheet and cataloged every piece in the collection. He has decided to let most of it go. However there are some pieces that are worth more than others and he does not want to part with them.

His mother used to run a day care and those children were allowed to play with this AT-AT. So it came to us beat up and quite dirty. He may have parted with it but after it sat on the floor of his computer room for months I sensed he was having trouble letting it go. So, I started thinking about how I could incorporate it into our main living area - I do want to show him his things are important to have in our space. With his permission (because he has another unopened AT-AT in a box) he agreed to let me play around with it.

Over the last couple of months it has transformed from it's original putty color to being silver-leafed, then glazed to make it look aged.

Voila! The finished AT-AT

What do you think George Lucas? May I have a job a Lucas Arts?


Kelly said...


Katie Kirk said...

WOW!!! Cinda, the transformed At-At is truly wonderful! Makes it worth hauling it...and the Millineum Falcon, X-Wing Fighter and Ewok Village around for all those years. The rest of the Star Wars collection was boxable, but the above mentioned defied containers, thus the dust. (Only Joseph was ever allowed to play with them.) As a fellow artist, I can see the work and love that went into the restoration, and I can't wait to see it up close. As the mother of the wonderful pack rat, I thank you SO much, for this and the joy you bring our Josh. You are truly a treasure! Love, Kate

Regina said...

Been meaning to comment on this post. Showed it to my husband (who, coincidentally also has Star Wars stuff all over his computer room -- we even have an R2-D2 phone) and he was SO excited. "Wow, it looks just like the original AT-AT Walker! Check that out!" :) Your guy must have LOVED it...what a perfect gesture.

Mike said...

Beautiful At At work!